Hear what customers are saying about Coastal Air Technologies, Inc.

5 stars

I have trusted by HVAC needs and service to Coastal Air Technologies for many years. The quality of their workmanship is outstanding. Their employees are always willing to assist me with working around my schedule. This system is on a barrier island near Beaufort, SC. The TRANE systems are subject to the ultimate weather conditions including salt spray, hurricanes, etc. and have been outstanding. If you appreciate a company that you can speak with a friendly voice, and who truly care about your needs, then this company exemplifies all these qualities. I called before one of the Tropical Storms/Hurricanes, and they talked me through how I needed to prepare my systems before evacuation. If you choose Coastal Air Technologies for your HVAC needs, then you will not be disappointed.

– S Timmerman

5 stars

First, let me say that it is refreshing that your company actually cares what customers think! A couple of weeks ago, your tech, Jaysin, did spring maintenance on my 6 mo old Trane XV20i. It was fine, but he found that the LED light was burned out in the Reme Halo- LED. I would never have noticed. He replaced the whole unit with a new one. He also noticed the old Carrier unit for upstairs wasn’t heating. He came back and found it was a loose wire! Whew! I will put in another new Trane in a year or two after I build up some more cash. I’ve been very impressed with your company from the first conversation with Chris Dyer, who was very knowledgeable. I’m hard to please since I used to work for a Trane dealer. Keep it up!! You earned 5 stars.

– Dan T.

5 stars

great service! They were able to come out the very next day and
no waiting around all day either because they showed up between the hours that they said the would be there. Will def. be using in the future!!

– Evan Mitchell

5 stars

Professional company . We had a great experience.

– Sherah Taylor

5 stars

Timely appointment kept. Great office staff and technician. Good organization.

– Tom Bolton

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