Sheet Metal Fabrication Experts in Beaufort SC and Surrounding Areas

Not long ago, Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. operated out of a single truck. Today, we run our company out of a 14,000-square-foot facility that also houses a sheet metal fabrication shop. If you’re in need of custom ductwork, rest assured our sheet metal fabrication shop is fully equipped to meet all of your residential and large commercial needs. Our team of experts will work until you’re satisfied with the final product.

sheet metal fabrication

High-Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication Service in Beaufort, South Carolina

For your HVAC system to operate at peak efficiency, it’s imperative that you properly size, install and maintain its ductwork. At Coastal Air Technologies, Inc., we believe that constructing an efficient network of ducts starts at the sheet metal fabrication shop. If you don’t fabricate your ductwork and fittings with precision, your HVAC system will waste energy, strain itself, require repairs more often and increase your utility bills. Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. can help you avoid all those issues with custom sheet metal fabrication.

Trust Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. With Your Sheet Metal Fabrication

Before constructing your custom ductwork, Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. will evaluate your home or business to determine its heat loss and gain. We’ll use that information to design ducts that meet your home or business’s specific needs. Our fabrication team will provide custom designed components and precision-made parts for your duct system. We’ll pay attention to every detail during the process to ensure we perfect your project.

By investing in custom sheet metal fabrication, you’ll:

  • Prevent air leaks in your HVAC system’s ductwork
  • Improve airflow throughout your HVAC system’s ductwork
  • Increase heating and cooling efficiency

Residential and Commercial Sheet Metal Fabrication in Beaufort, SC

Recent studies in the HVAC industry have shown that 90 percent of installations are performed incorrectly. At Coastal Air Technologies, Inc., we’re committed to making sure that our customers, whether residential or commercial, are in the 10 percent of those who receive a correct installation. We’re a family owned and operated company, and we’re licensed, bonded and insured. When you entrust us with your sheet metal fabrication, rest assured we always provide a 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. offers sheet metal fabrication services for a variety of settings, including residential new construction and large commercial. Are you interested in learning more about how you can benefit from custom sheet metal fabrication? Our experts are standing by to help. Contact us today for service in Beaufort, Saint Helena Island, Walterboro, Hardeeville, Bluffton or the surrounding areas in South Carolina.

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