Many types of HVAC equipment and accessories can increase comfort for your family. They can also help you lower the energy bills of your home in Walterboro, South Carolina. For better efficiency and comfort, consider adding these four HVAC technologies to your home:

Variable-Speed HVAC Systems

Most heating and cooling systems work at one speed until the temperature inside your house matches the setting on your thermostat. They shut off automatically and come on again when your home gets cooler or warmer than your desired temperature. These frequent changes can increase wear, make people uncomfortable and create disruptive noises.

A system with a variable-speed indoor air handler can run its fan at several different speeds. That way, it can keep the temperature in your home more constant. As a result, it’ll avoid wasting energy running at an unnecessarily high speed.

It can also improve indoor air quality by sending more air through your HVAC system’s filter. A variable-speed system can provide better humidity control and increase the value of your home, too. Because these devices usually run at lower speeds, they often last longer and have fewer breakdowns than conventional HVAC systems.

Ductless Heaters and Air Conditioners

A ductless HVAC system, also called a mini-split, works much like a traditional unit. It has an outdoor unit that connects to one or more indoor air handlers by a small conduit for refrigerant. The indoor air handlers can hang on your home’s ceilings or walls, and they’re available in a variety of styles and sizes. Ductless systems are often easier and less costly to install than many other types of equipment. Also, you’ll never have leaky ducts, dirty ductwork or similar issues, and you won’t need to maintain ductwork or make repairs.

Ductless systems with two or more indoor air handlers can use zoning to save energy and increase comfort. You can control each indoor air handler independently to avoid heating or cooling empty zones or rooms. You can also choose the temperature you prefer for the room you’re using without changing conditions in the rest of your home.

Each indoor air handler has its own air filter to keep contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, dust and biological growth from spreading. These substances can cause asthma attacks, allergy symptoms and other health issues.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier or cleaner uses a filter that’s similar to the one in your HVAC system. However, the filter inside an air purifier has a greater Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. It can catch smaller particles and more types of contaminants than the filter for a heater or air conditioner. The devices with the highest MERV ratings can even catch many varieties of viruses and bacteria.

Air purifiers and cleaners can help you improve your indoor air quality, prevent illnesses such as the flu from spreading, and increase your home’s value. You can easily have a service technician install a whole-home air cleaner in your ducts.

Programmable Thermostats

You can set a smart or programmable thermostat to turn your HVAC system down automatically when you normally go to bed or leave for the day. Before you wake up or come back, it’ll return your home to a more comfortable temperature. That way, you can save energy while staying comfortable.

You can control many programmable thermostats wirelessly and get frequent updates through your smartphone or computer. Some units can even analyze your power consumption and recommend additional ways to save energy. With many models, you can require people to enter a code or password before making changes. This keeps guests and children from altering your settings without permission.

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