The walk-in freezer in your Beaufort, South Carolina, restaurant is critical to keeping the contents intact. If signs indicating your walk-in freezer isn’t functioning properly are obvious, it’s time to call in a professional service for immediate repairs. Otherwise, you risk food waste and financial losses.

Signs of Frost

You want your walk-in freezer to be icy cold. But if it has signs of frost building up inside the unit, this is a problem. Whenever a frosty build-up is visible on the interior walls or freezer door, it means warm air is interacting with the cool air inside the freezer. As a result, you see frost.

Inconsistent Temperatures

The temperature inside the freezer must remain consistent to keep frozen food safe. If you’re noticing the temperature is fluctuating and not remaining at the desired safety setting, you can’t trust that the freezer contents aren’t compromised and unusable.

Unusual Noises

A walk-in freezer will have a normal humming sound. If the sound becomes noticeably louder, or if you hear knocking, squealing and screeching noises, this is a sign that some part of the walk-in freezer has failed or is about to fail. In many cases, an unusual noise is due to a bad motor.

Door Damage

The seal around the door is critical to keeping cold air inside the freezer. When the seal has become damaged or deteriorates over time, it allows the cold air to escape. As a result, the freezer won’t maintain the appropriate interior temperature to keep items properly frozen.

Strange Odors

If you detect unusual odors inside the freezer or around the door, it’s usually due a coolant leak. This happens most often in older freezers needing repair or replacing. Strong odors emanating from the freezer may be due to spoiled or spoiling food because the temperature has been set too low or there’s an issue with the thermostat. Whatever the case, you’ll need to have it repaired right away.

When the signs are clear that your walk-in freezer is experiencing operating issues, don’t hesitate to contact our staff at Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. Call us at (803) 914-0900 to schedule a maintenance call so we can make things right.

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