Home and business owners in Beaufort, South Carolina, often face challenges related to HVAC efficiency. Are you spending more than necessary on your energy bills because of leaky ductwork? Do you have poor airflow in your home? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you could benefit from custom sheet metal fabrication.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a process that transforms flat sheets of aluminum or steel into metal structures used in a variety of applications. The stages of sheet metal fabrication include designing, programming, cutting, punching, bending, welding, assembling and powder coating. A fabricator can cut, bend or stretch sheet metal into almost any shape by cutting or burning it. With custom sheet metal fabrication, you decide on the exact product you receive.

What are the Benefits of Sheet Metal Fabrication?

There are many benefits of custom sheet metal fabrication, including:


You won’t always find the metal part you want online or in a store. Customization is a primary reason that professionals in various industries use custom sheet metal fabrication. You’ll be able to choose the design and material of the part you need.

Lighter Parts

A fabricator can design and create custom sheet metal that’s lightweight. You’ll be able to choose a metal that best suits your needs and budget. Parts manufactured using sheet metal fabrication are usually lighter, which translates to savings.

Extreme Durability

Sheet metal is extremely durable and dependable. Since it’s resistant to heat and corrosion, you can design and create products that withstand the test of time. The use of sheet metal is common in residential and commercial HVAC and roofing.

Easy to Use

With sheet metal, you can customize parts to your exact specifications, making them easy to install. For example, HVAC professionals use custom sheet metal fabrication to build ductwork that perfectly fits the structure of any building.

Time Efficiency

A successful business must meet deadlines and deliver on its promises to customers. Customer sheet metal fabrication uses advanced technologies. It allows your business to design, create and dispatch quality products for your customers quickly.

Do You Need Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

In residential settings, homeowners must ensure their ductwork is up to standard if they want their HVAC system to operate at peak efficiency. Constructing efficient ductwork starts with a custom sheet metal fabrication project. If your ductwork and fittings aren’t fabricated with precision, your heating and cooling systems will:

  • Operate inefficiently and waste energy
  • Make you spend more money to heat and cool your home
  • Break down and require costly repairs more often
  • Require replacing before they reach their full life cycle
  • Increase your home’s carbon footprint

How Do I Choose a Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator?

To guarantee high production quality, choose a custom sheet metal fabricator you can trust. To help in the selection process, you should consider their:

  • Experience: Your custom sheet metal fabricator should have an extensive history or manufacturing high-quality products in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Industries served: What’s the fabricator’s experience with the type of metal required for the project? Do they experience manufacturing products in HVAC?
  • Resources: The tooling capacity of a custom sheet metal fabrication shop can be critical influence on its capabilities and the quality of its metal products.
  • Stock materials: Does the custom sheet metal fabricator use a specific supplier for its materials? It’s worth looking into the supplier’s reputation.

Prior to fabricating your custom ductwork, Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. will evaluate your property to determine its heat loss and gain. Our experienced fabricators will use that information to design ductwork that meets your home or business’s demands. Contact us at (803) 914-0900 for more information about how you can benefit from investing in custom sheet metal fabrication.

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