Your air conditioning system is working hard to provide your home in Hardeeville, South Carolina, with cold air. If you scheduled preventive AC maintenance in the spring, it should operate at peak efficiency all summer. But if you didn’t, you might run into problems sooner or later. Here are three signs that your air conditioner requires a repair or a replacement:

Refrigerant Leak

An air conditioning system that’s low on refrigerant won’t adequately cool your home. In most cases, an AC system will have a low level of refrigerant because of a leak. Trying to add refrigerant yourself isn’t only dangerous. It also doesn’t fix the root of the problem. A comfort consultant can find the refrigerant leak, fix it and test the repair. They can then charge the air conditioner with the right amount of refrigerant. As a result, it’ll adequately cool your home.

Strange Noises or Smells

While it’s normal for your AC system to make slight sounds was as it turns on and off, loud noises never indicate anything good. Banging, screeching and clanking are all causes for concern. You might have a loose belt, or you could have a bad compressor. Turn off your system. A professional should find and fix the issue before you run your air conditioner again.

Strange smells can also be cause for concern. If you smell microbial growth, your air conditioner’s condensate drain line could have clogged and the pan overflowed. A comfort consultant can unclog the line.

Electrical Issues

Your air conditioner relies on many electrical connections to operate. Frayed or corroded wiring can cause it to cycle on and off frequently. A burning smell can also indicate an electrical issue. If you notice either electrical problem in your air conditioner, turn the system off and have it inspected by a comfort consultant.

Is your air conditioner not working as it should? Perhaps it’s barely cooling your home, blowing warm air or not turning on at all. Contact Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. at (803) 914-0900 to get to the bottom of the issue.

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