The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 3.8 million people die each year from exposure to household air pollution. The most common killers are gases, chemicals and smoke. Here are the top health problems linked to indoor pollutants and tips on how to improve the air quality in your Beaufort, South Carolina, home:

Increased Allergy Attacks

If you’re suffering frequent allergy attacks, check your HVAC system’s air vents, filter and ductwork. Dust in the air filter, vents and ducts blows into your home and can exacerbate allergies. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance will keep the system dust-free, and installing an air purifier will help remove any other allergens As a result, you’ll reduce the risk of allergy attacks.

Respiratory Problems

Coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing are typical asthma symptoms. But they can also indicate a serious lung disease.

People living in areas with high concentrations of radon are at risk of respiratory problems. Radon is a radioactive gas that naturally occurs in rock and soil, and it can seep into the foundations or basements of homes built on ground where it’s present. If your home tests positive for radon, seal all cracks in floors and walls. As a result, you’ll minimize your exposure.

General Malaise

There are many health problems that can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea and general malaise. However, most people don’t think the cause is lurking in their home. Chemicals from household cleaners or carbon monoxide leaks could be the culprit. Use green household cleaners, inspect the furnace for gas leaks, and install a carbon monoxide sensor. As a result, you’ll minimize your risk to this health issue.

Eye, Nose and Throat Irritation

Nasal and eye irritation isn’t always caused by allergies. The source could be biological growth in your HVAC system. Humidity is the leading cause of biological growth in homes. To prevent this, make sure humidity levels don’t exceed 65 percent, and add a dehumidifier to the HVAC system. As a result, you’ll also prevent damage stemming from excess moisture.

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