Beaufort, South Carolina, is a scenic city located on Port Royal Island. It offers picturesque surroundings for those fortunate to live in the area. Taking time to schedule preventive maintenance for HVAC systems in our area is essential to keep them running at peak efficiency throughout the year. Here are three key reasons to schedule a preventive maintenance visit for your HVAC system in the fall and in the spring:

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Regular preventive maintenance can provide you with actionable information about the condition of your ducts. Your HVAC comfort consultant can also recommend the most practical air filter options for your system. That way, you can balance performance and air quality concerns. As a result, you’ll enjoy the most comfortable indoor conditions possible throughout the year.

Spot Problems Before They Become Critical

During your preventive maintenance visit, a comfort consultant will check for common issues that can cause serious problems for your HVAC system. This can provide you with greater peace of mind when preparing for the summer cooling season or winter’s chill. By addressing these issues in a proactive way, your family can avoid many unexpected breakdowns. You’ll also enhance your indoor comfort to a considerable degree.

Save Money

A well-maintained HVAC system typically costs less to operate. It also provides greater comfort throughout your home. A small investment in regular preventive maintenance can pay off in lower utility bills and improved performance from your HVAC system.

Preventive maintenance visits typically include checks of all electric components and wiring. Your comfort consultant will inspect the coils and cabinet of your outside unit. They’ll clean any dirt or leaves from this area. Inside your home, they’ll check for gas leaks and cracks in the heat exchanger that could pose a threat to your family.

Scheduling preventive maintenance is your best defense against breakdowns and dangerous operating conditions for your HVAC system. Contact Coastal Air Technologies, Inc. at (803) 914-0900 to schedule an appointment today.

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